Author: Loni Shaw

Good News

Sweet Treat Gifts

Spooky season is upon us! Halloween is great fun for all ages to enjoy some sweet treats… We hope you have a fun celebration planned to spend time with you and your loved ones.

If you prefer a sweet treat this season in the form of something other than your go-to Halloween candy, consider giving our personalized gift baskets a look! We have all sorts of options for lovers of sweets, candy, cookies, and more. Just give this basket here a look; talk about a chocolate lover’s dream!

Good News

Healthy And Happy Alternatives

Here at Boo-Shaw Bakery, we wholeheartedly believe that your love of pastries and desserts shouldn’t have to break your diet! That’s why we’re working on offering some special Keto Snacks and Gluten Friendly pastries to add to our store.

Having a sweet dessert to look forward to treating yourself with is something everyone deserves! You’ve been hard at work, so we’re working too, to bring some tasty and healthier alternatives from our kitchen to your home. Our comfort food pastries should be guilt-free! Coming Soon!

Good News

Chocolate Cupcake Day

Did you know that yesterday, October 18th, was Chocolate Cupcake Day? We might be a day off with our announcement, but it’s never too late to celebrate your love for chocolate cupcakes! This fun unofficial holiday is the perfect excuse for indulging in such a sweet treat.

And if you’re feeling like branching out from cupcakes a bit? Consider checking out our own delightfully chocolate-y treats! We have several pastry cookies with delicious chocolate ingredients, including our Chocolate Icebox Pie cookies, Heavenly Chocolate cookies, and of course, a traditional Chocolate Chip. We’re sure to have something in store for you to satisfy all of your cravings for some tasty baked chocolate goods.

Good News

Sweetest Day

Did you know that tomorrow, October 17th, is national Sweetest Day? This cute unofficial holiday was created nearly a century ago as a marketing strategy for small-business confectioners to boost their sales! Consider celebrating by picking up some sweet treats for yourself or a loved one!

If you need a few ideas for how to celebrate Sweetest Day with some sweets of your own, consider taking a look at the pastry cookies we have to offer! We have a delicious variety of tasty cookie desserts perfect for any sweet treat needs.

Good News

Pecan Cheerio Treats

Introducing a yummy new treat coming soon to Boo-Shaw Bakery: the Pecan Cheerio dessert! This tasty treat is the perfect amount of sweetness for a satisfying, sensational snacking experience.

As a bonus, it’s a healthier alternative to some of the more sugary treats you may also be craving! Whether you’re trying to cut back on sugar, or look for healthy alternatives, or you’re getting a head start on your 2021 New Year’s resolutions, we’ve got you covered if you’re looking for a tasty yet satisfying treat.

Good News

Great Gift Ideas

Hey there! Do you remember our personalized gift baskets? We have some more cute ones to show you this time! Remember that our personal gift ideas are a perfect way to wish someone a happy birthday, give them a get-well-soon wish, or even just to tell them you’re thinking of them!

Each one of our gifts are full of carefully selected goodies, treats, and pastry cookies that are perfect for any occasion you can think of! We also include a personalized greeting card with every basket, to make sure the recipient of your gift knows exactly why they deserve such a special gift.

Good News

Culver’s Opening Celebration

We were so thrilled to be a part of #Culvers special day! This growing family restaurant recently celebrated their opening day in Fort Walton beach, Florida. We were lucky enough to provide them with some delicious pastry cookie snacks as a special treat to get the ball rolling for their brand-new business location!

We love supporting small businesses. We know what it’s like to work hard to support your dream, so we’re always thrilled to see our fellow small businesses doing their best to succeed! Congratulations to Culver’s for taking the next step to grow their business!

Good News

Halloween Hype

Hey there! It’s October, so you know what that means… It’s almost time for Halloween festivities!! Halloween is one of our favorite holidays to celebrate, because it’s a time to have fun with friends and neighbors and enjoy some hauntingly happy, spookily special, and eerily enchanting festivities with your loved ones. (See what we did there?)

You know what else we love about Halloween? The sweet treats that come with it! Whether you pick your poison as some trick-or-treating candy, pumpkin pie, home-baked goods, or more, we know how fun it can be to have some sweets ready for this frightfully fun holiday. Consider checking out our pastry cookies to see if any of our ghoulishly great goodies do the trick for your treat this fall!


Good News

Good Neighbor Day

Good news! Today is Good Neighbor day. September 28th is a fun unofficial holiday dedicated to reminding us to be kind to our neighbors and all of those around us. It’s important to bring love and kindness to our neighbors!

If you’re feeling up for a little something special to help show your kindness for your neighbors today, consider taking a look at some of our gourmet pastry cookies! Our delightful desserts are perfect tokens of appreciation, and everyone always loves a cookie.

Good News

Love Note Day

Hey there! Did you know that tomorrow, September 26th, is Love Note Day? That’s right! This fun unofficial holiday is dedicated just to the concept of sending notes and letters to your loved ones to tell them how much you love and appreciate them! The idea of the love note dates almost all the way back to the start of written language itself… So be sure to engage in the time-honored tradition of writing to your friends, partner, family, or any loved one you feel might appreciate it!

And if you want a little something special to go along with your note, just to make sure your loved one gets the message? Let us help you out a little! Nothing says “I love you” quite like a deliciously decadent pastry cookie.