Don’t Drink Poison

People often ask why our desserts are so unique. I do not know if it’s because they are family recipes or because I cannot taste any of them.  As a Beethoven in the bakery world, I strive to find precisely the right balance of flavor and texture to create an extraordinary blissful experience.  Our research and development team assist me by providing constructive feedback. 

The team effort results in extraordinary  pastries even foodies can’t resist.

People always ask for samples of our decadent desserts. Normally it results in new customers and supportive friends. Sadly sometimes it results in very strange behavior from at least one person. He (or She) gets angry when they hear the wonderful encouraging complements. 

He (or She) will admit our snacks are delicious.  However, they will start to compare our pastries to their own recipes or tell me “it needs a little more flavor” as if their palate is the only one on the planet.  In fact, some were so jealous they actually  baked their dessert, gave it to our new customers, and asked them to compare whose is better. 

At first this bothered me. Only small business owners know what it’s like to overcome  failures, make sacrifices, and deal with frustrations to grow a brand. We are simply trying to create jobs for others. Plus we try to be a company that is Kind and Patient by not bombarding people with pushy advertisements just to make more money. 

Why do we put others down to feel good about ourselves?

Why can’t we be genuinely happy for other people?

Blue Bell and Boo-Shaw

Eventually my frustration turned into empathy. Clearly the jealous bakers are lacking Joy in their lives.

No one is perfect. However….. when we feel the need to compare or critique someone’s efforts, I think we should all exercise some Self-Control by finding out what is missing in our own lives.

Life is too short to drink the poison of jealousy. 

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Internet Bullies or Genuine Jerks

I started posting to gain exposure for the business. It is relatively easy because running a small business brings Joyful, stressful, chaotic, and even maddening situations. 


 Many people have Blessed us with their replies. So I decided to continue blogging to encourage others because it’s a struggle to accomplish something Good. 


Unfortunately , For every encouraging post there are at least sixty  malicious posts. Hackers work very hard  trying to infect our website. Some have positive comments with pornographic URLs. Others are very long paragraphs with spam URLs and fake email addresses.

Thankfully WP Engine does not automatically publish  blog replies.

In addition,  BrightCloud  provides a free URL and IP lookup tool. Anyone can copy and paste  URLs in their search engine to find out if a website is safe. Plus verifies email addresses. I’ve spent countless hours authenticating URLs and email addresses because it’s necessary to publish the Loving replies.



This life is short.  Why would someone waste time trying to hurt others? I barely have enough time to do my laundry.

Evildoers have been around since the beginning of time. However, I wonder if  the internet (which started as the ARPANET) has created a desensitized world. It happens all of the time. A wonderful invention is eventually  used for evil. The internet has brought us closer ……………………..and cruel people can hurt strangers for fun.


No one has to see the side effects of their hateful actions anymore.



I just don’t understand. We all share one need……..the desire to be Loved. I think more people would practice the Golden Rule if they couldn’t hide behind a computer monitor…..don’t you?

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What do you do when hard work doesn’t pay off?

I was advised several times  to move our eCommerce site from WordPress.

After days of researching different eCommerce platforms,  I opened an account with Big Commerce. They provided wonderful support. In addition, there were a lot of great features.

 I spent weeks learning the new platform and uploading our products.  Then I discovered we had to pay extra monthly fees for a good looking website. Plus our blog would have to stay on WordPress. 

Coming Soon: Chocolate Walnut Mini Muffins

 We could afford it, but our mission is to help others in need.  I guess this is how the rich get richer 😐

My second attempt was with Volusion. It’s a great company with a very nice eCommerce platform.

I uploaded all of our products and started to design the site. The page builder was easy to use. Google Shopping and weight based shipping with discounts were also included.

However, using the essential  apps had  more additional fees. I wanted to start singing the chorus of Donnie Iris’s “Ah Leah” when I found out they didn’t support blogs.


Just like Soundgarden“Fell on Black Days” too. Why can’t life have a remote control?

I wasted almost two months trying to accomplish something positive.   

This is just a small business scenario, but it happens all of the time.

 Sometimes hard work doesn’t pay off.

When we fail, how do we fail forward? How can we make lemonade out of lemons? I think one way is to forgive, don’t give up, and share our failures to help others succeed.

Of course this is easier said than done. Nevertheless, if we would  Gift this type of Kindness,  wouldn’t everyone be successful? 

Wouldn’t we have more time to enJoy each other?

For all of my  WordPress/WooCommerce colleagues:

If you have been using WordPress/WooCommerce for a while, keep it.

  • Woo Commerce has a Google Shopping plugin.
  • Use the plugin Gift Up .
  • In our opinion, Elementor Pro is the best page builder. 
  • The Mega Menu Pro will add style to your navigation.
  • The Grid Kit Pro plugin creates easy to configure catalogs.
  • Use the SNAP Auto Poster plugin to reach a broader audience with your blogs.
  • Don’t forget to use cache cleaning plugins.
  • There are a lot of weight based shipping plugins.
  • Last but certainly not least, use WP Engine as your host.

I hope this saves someone time and money 🙂

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Can I call 9-1-1 too?

Public radio recently reported a nine year old called 911 because her parents were trying to make her clean the bedroom.  I couldn’t help understanding her frustration.  Sure this  is minor for adults, but it’s not minor for a child. She had a stressful situation. Why not call 9-1-1?

I wanted to call someone because of  our most recent small business problem.  We’ve been using WordPress for years.  WP Engine (our host) has been a Blessing. However, in order for the business to grow, the website must move to Big Commerce.  This is a huge problem because moving will take a lot of time and effort to accomplish.

 I didn’t want to do it. There are SO many things small business owners have to do. Why would I create more work for myself?

When I finished whining and complaining like a nine year old girl, I created an account in Big Commerce. I couldn’t find reasons to keep our WordPress site. 🙁

Big Commerce has Google Shopping, better drop shipping integrations, and other features like Printful.

Thanks to Printful, we will soon be launching our Eat Some, Wear Some collection.


I still want to keep the comfort of WordPress. Plus I’m sure the nine year old  wants  her room the way she likes it.

Nevertheless, we will both become better people by exercising  Self Control.  This will be the last post until our Big Commerce store is ready.

I guess it doesn’t matter if a person is nine or ninety. We only grow to the threshold of our discomfort.  It’s the True  way to experience the  Goodness in life.

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Sprint or Marathon

I was with a group of people when one mentioned trying the “new” Keto diet. The millennial described the diet and shared how he became severely hypoglycemic. He didn’t realize he was telling his experience to a genx age group. We couldn’t help smiling because it was clear he was clueless about  the Atkins diet.

Mini Key Lime Cups

It made me think of the myriad of trends and fads throughout history. For example:


Everyone still loves Elmo, but who remembers Alf? Do people play Trivial Pursuit as much as they still play Monopoly? Why are we still having tie dye parties but no one is wearing bell bottoms? What ever happened to Tang?

The latest trend is vegan food. It is heartbreaking animals sacrifice their lives for us. However,  wouldn’t eating RBH-Free dairy keep cows off of the dinner table?

Almost every attempt to create a tasty vegan dessert resulted in a split approval rating with our Research and Development team. I know there are plenty of vegan desserts out there, but unless you can fool people who prefer non vegan foods……they are not  culinary masterpieces.



Feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, I was ready to quit. To add insult to injury, our current pastries are listed as cookies which currently has a low CAGR trend analysis. Plus all small businesses must now be GMP compliant.

After having a good cry, I decided to try to create a vegan dessert one more time.


Everyone loved them and didn’t realize they were vegan desserts. Vegan Cashew Cups will be ready for the holidays.

Plus the Florida Department of Agriculture officially issued the bakery a passing  GMP compliance inspection.

Vegan Cashew Cups Vegan Cashew Cups

Building a business to create jobs for others is a lot like life.  A Strong Stable Foundation is needed to sustain the good, bad, and the ugly. If you have The Foundation, every “marathon” will be successful.