Author: Loni Shaw

Good News

St Patrick’s Day is Coming Up

It’s March, everyone! You know what that means… It’s almost time for Saint Patrick’s Day! The holiday falls on Wednesday, March 17th this year. Although this holiday was initially a celebration of the death of Saint Patrick, an important historical figure in Irish religious culture, nowadays it has evolved into a celebration of luck, good fortune, and revelry! It also serves as a reminder that spring is almost upon us!

We hope you take this upcoming Saint Patrick’s Day as an opportunity to have some fun. We know the past year have presented some truly trying times for us all. So take a day to yourself soon, and be sure to have some (safe) fun!

Good News

World Compliment Day

Happy March, everyone! Did you know that today, March 1st, is World Compliment Day? That’s right! This fun unofficial world holiday is the perfect time to celebrate kindness and compliments. After all, who¬†doesn’t love a meaningful compliment from someone who appreciates you?

Looking for the perfect gift to accompany your declaration of love or appreciation? We’ve got you covered! Our gourmet pastry cookies are the perfect gift for any pastry-lover, and perfect to accompany your best compliments today!

Good News

Cookie Goodie Boxes

Did you know that we also sell cookies by the dozen? That’s right! Whether you’re looking for just a couple of your favorites, enough cookies to feed the family, or even enough to feed a whole party, we have however many cookies you may need, perfect for any occasion!

Our cookies are also individually wrapped, which makes them perfect for things like school lunches, gifts for friends, party favors, and more! Each cookie itself is the ideal snack size for one, making our gourmet pastry cookies the perfect dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. Check out all the flavors we have to offer!

Good News

Birthday Celebration

Did you know that today, February 22nd, is George Washington’s Birthday? That’s right! While this may not be a holiday in the traditional sense, we’re going to treat it as such, since everyone knows that George Washington’s favorite dessert was cookies!!

…Ok, maybe we’re kidding with that last part a bit. Who knows if cookies were his favorite? But one thing’s for sure: he would’ve loved our gourmet pastry cookies, the same as we’re sure you will too! We have a variety of tasty gourmet flavors for you to enjoy, perfect for any occasion (including birthdays!). Feel free to stop by and see what we have to suit your sweet-tooth fancy!

Good News

Mint Chocolate Day

Did you know that today, February 19th, is Mint Chocolate Day? That’s right! This fun unofficial holiday is dedicated to the celebration of a well-loved flavor of sweet treat. If mint chocolate is your jam, find some yummy treat to indulge in today!

If you’re looking for some other chocolate-y treats to enjoy, consider taking a look at our chocolate-flavored gourmet pastry cookies! We have flavors like Chocolate Chip Delight, Heavenly Chocolate, Chocolate Icebox Pie, and even Gluten-Friendly Chocolate Chip Cookies! We’re sure to have something for every chocolate lover.

Good News

Season of Love – It’s Not Too Late!

We hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s Day! And we hope you were able to spend this wonderful day with the loved ones who matter most to you. But remember, you don’t need an excuse to tell your friends and family that you love them! Celebrating your love for the ones around you doesn’t have to be restricted to just one day a year… Take any opportunity you can to remind your loved ones how much they mean to you.

Still looking for a perfect gift to say “I Love You?” Take a look at some of our gift basket options! We put together a number of fun, cute, and totally¬†sweet gifts for Valentine’s Day this year… Consider picking up one of our personalized gift baskets for your loved ones! After all, nothing says “I Love You” the way some deliciously sweet treats do!!

Good News

Valentine’s Day

Happy “early” Valentine’s Day! We hope you’re able to use this holiday to take the time to show your friends, family, and loved ones just how much you love and appreciate them. It’s important to remind the people who are important to you that you care!

If you’re looking for something extra-special to show your love and support this Valentine’s Day, consider letting us help you out! We’ve got a number of delicious pastry cookies – all made with love, of course – and even some personalized gift baskets, all of which are the perfect gift to accompany an “I love you!”

Good News

Cookies Are Everyone’s Best Friend

Homemade-style cookies are everyone’s best friend; made with love, and perfect for every occasion! Whether you’ve got something worth celebrating, thinking of the perfect gift for a loved one, or maybe you just had a bad day, there’s no situation that some delicious cookies wouldn’t make even better.

All of our cookies are made with love and baked to perfection, and we know we have the perfect pastry cookie that you’re sure to love. They’re also individually wrapped, for the perfect way to choose your portion size. We hope you enjoy!

Good News

Chocolate Fondue Day

Did you know that today, February 5th, is Chocolate Fondue Day? That’s right! This fun unofficial holiday is dedicated to the celebration of everyone’s favorite hot chocolate dessert.

Not in the mood for fondue? That’s alright! We’ve got you covered. We have a number of different chocolate-flavored pastry cookie desserts. Or if you’re not feeling chocolate at all? Check out some of our other pastry cookies! We’re sure to have the perfect sweet treat for whatever you’re craving.

Good News

Gifts For a New Semester

The Spring 2021 semester is in full swing for our students! We hope you all are settling into the new semester and your new schedule comfortably and easily.

We know new semesters can be a stressful time for some of our students. If you or one of the students in your life is having a bit of a hard time right now, why not send a little gift their way to cheer them up? We have all sorts of deliciously indulgent treats available that are sure to brighten any stressed student’s day. Additionally, we even have a number of gift baskets that might be appreciated by your student! Take a look at this one, with all manner of tea, snacks, and pastry cookies, perfect for a night of studying.