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Trifling Moments

Mini Trifle

While preparing a custom birthday pastry cake, I realized the northeastern dessert never entered the southern market. Of course the south has wonderful decadent pastries like King cakes, cobblers and pecan pies (that’s puh-kauhn for Yankees like me). However, No one in our area knows about trifles.

It is comforting to live in a country with different cultures. We have the freedom to change the English language, make our own traditions, and everything else under the sun! It’s a Blessing because many men and women chose to protect our Land. Whether or not we admit it, as Americans, we are thankful  for their service.

The customer was overjoyed and the trifle birthday cake was a success. More importantly, our sweet (cheesy pun intended) customer was brave enough to share a life struggle. I was honored to listen, share, and Love. A “trifling moment” became a memorable Blessing. Once again, I was reminded why the bakery exists.

Healthy Keto Snacks

Life is hard for everyone. Some people’s lives are tougher than others. We all need to take the time to Love and listen.

Sadly most small business owners only care about money. In fact, I have a colleague who only wants to discuss business. Also, I know a business owner who ignores his “friends” but becomes kind and caring when they visit his store.

Maybe ugly pride is another reason why businesses fail.

Yes- Money makes the world go around, but Love does too.

If we would look at each other before the cash register and our wallets, we could stop the virus of hate. Last year NPR announced the anniversary of the destruction of the Berlin wall. Germany’s symbol of hatred lasted for thirty years. Now they are celebrating. We need to tear down our walls of money and make trifling moments. If we did, there would be more celebrations than hate crime memorials.

Chocolate Chip Trifle

Yes- We are a for profit business. However, the profits are used to help others in need and share our Joy. When you make a purchase, we give our contact information in case you need our help.


Everyone Can Do Something

A friend called to discuss her new business project. I was happy to hear the plan was moving forward. She did not ask about the bakery, but since there was a moment of silence in the conversation, I started talking about it. She immediately jumped to incorrect conclusions. I tried to explain the dangers of loving money more than people, but she just didn’t get it.

My anger turned into sadness for my friend. She is in business to have more money for herself. We are in business to make money to help others who need it.

It was then I realized Boo-Shaw Bakery Inc. officially started in 2012, but in reality, it began in 1992. I was 20 years old and did not have enough money to pay for college tuition because of the strict laws in Pittsburgh, PA. I had an A average when they kicked me out of the college dormitory and became homeless. Thankfully I was Blessed to find an apartment within a few months. However, several times, I was thankful for the roof over my head because nothing was in my refrigerator.

Also, I spent a lot of time in and out of emergency rooms because of a systemic illness and somehow dared to survive an assault by sending the attacker to prison.

Today, I am a wife of a retired Air Force Veteran, a national Mayo Clinic case study, survivor of head trauma, and have a professional degree with certifications We are not extraordinarily wealthy, but we are Blessed enough to pay it forward.

Yes – Money is necessary.

Yes – We have to take care of ourselves before caring for others.

However – After we take care of ourselves, we must help those in need.

This world is in trouble. So let’s face it together and do something. Boo-Shaw Bakery Inc. will be around long after its founders are gone. The strategic goal is to care for others. Therefore a portion of every sale will go to a non-profit organization. What will you do?